Real Law

  • advising and representing in all kinds of disputes concerning disturbance of possession;
  • advising and representing in disputes arising from tenancy or lease relations (composition and review of tenancy agreements, termination of tenancy agreements, filing lawsuits for the delivery and vacating of an apartment,…);
  • counseling and representation in neighborhood disputes;
  • Composition of contracts on the basis of which the right of ownership over things is transferred or with which another real right to things is established (sales contracts, exchange contracts, gift contracts, contracts on establishing a lien, contracts on establishing easements, contracts on establishing encumbrances, contract on the establishment of a building right);
  • advising and representing in border regulation procedures;
  • advising and representing in the procedures of division of things in co-ownership and joint ownership;
  • advising and representing in the establishment of condominiums and the preparation of a condominium plan, an act on the transformation of co-ownership into condominiums and an agreement on the regulation of mutual relations between condominium owners;
  • implementation of all procedures for obtaining various consents and permits from administrative bodies,
  • preparation of documentation for entry of rights and facts in the land register;
  • representation in land registry proceedings.


Inheritance Law

  • testaments, testamentary contracts, life annuity contracts, usufruct contracts and agreements on the renunciation of uninherited inheritance;
  • representing heirs and legatees in exercising the right to inheritance or the right to a will in the context of probate proceedings;
  • assertion of inheritance claims in civil proceedings after the decision on inheritance or the decision on will has become final;
  • representing heirs as custodians of the estate;
  • advice in other matters of inheritance.


Law Of Obligations

  • composition of all types of legal contracts and verification of submitted contracts;
  • drawing up claims for damages;
  • advising and representing in claims disputes and in negotiations with an insurance company;
  • advising and representing in the enforcement of claims for unjust enrichment;
  • advising and representing on management claims without a contract.


Family Law

  • drawing up proposals for divorce by mutual consent;
  • representation in divorce and annulment proceedings;
  • drawing up agreements on the division of joint property of spouses, common-law partners or partners from a registered same-sex partnership;
  • drawing up maintenance agreements for a spouse, common-law partner or partner from a registered same-sex partnership who, after divorce or legal separation, has no means of subsistence;
  • advising and drawing up agreements on the care, upbringing and maintenance of joint children and on their contacts with their parents;
  • representation in disputes on establishing and challenging paternity or maternity;
  • drawing up agreements on children’s contacts with other persons with whom he has family ties and personal attachments;
  • representation in all other marital disputes and in disputes arising from relations between parents and children;
  • advising and representing in the exercise of the right to maintenance compensation before the Public Guarantee and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia.


Labor law

  • composition of employment contracts (with employees, with executives, with managers);
  • consulting and drafting of internal acts of the employer (rules, resolutions, etc.)
  • advises and draws up terminations of employment contracts;
  • advising and representing an employee in the process of termination of employment;
  • advising and representing the employer in proceedings before labor and social courts.


Civil Enforcement Law

  • inquiry into the debtor’s assets (transaction accounts, ownership of real estate and motor vehicles, ownership of securities and business shares in companies, ();
  • out-of-court reprimand of debtors;
  • filing proposals for enforcement on the basis of an authentic instrument or enforcement title, managing, tracking and activating individual enforcement assets during the enforcement proceedings;
  • concluding out-of-court settlements regarding receivables in enforcement proceedings;
  • advising and representing in proceedings for securing creditors’ claims by prior and interim injunctions.


Criminal And Misdemeanor Law

  • composition of criminal charges;
  • representing parties in pre-trial and criminal proceedings;
  • assertion of property and other claims of victims in criminal proceedings;
  • filing private actions on behalf of the parties;
  • representing victims as prosecutors in criminal proceedings;
  • filing objections against punitive orders;
  • representation in drawing up a plea agreement;
  • drawing up and filing objections to the payment order, requests for judicial protection and appeals;
  • representation in misdemeanor proceedings;
  • composition of requests for reversal of a conviction;
  • composition of pardon applications.


Economic law